EVERY Cristiano Ronaldo Goal This Season! (All 29) | Top Scorer 2020/21 | Serie A TIM


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  • Abdullah Kashif
    Abdullah Kashif2 дні тому

    GOAT 🐐

  • 8-4573-Arnav Mohanty
    8-4573-Arnav Mohanty4 дні тому

    Tapinaldo+penaldo=Cristiano Ronaldo😂😂😂

  • Md. Abdus Samad
    Md. Abdus Samad5 днів тому

    He needs to leave Juventus...Otherwise Juventus will not win the league anymore let alone UCL...

  • Rega0991
    Rega09916 днів тому

    CR7 best player in the world

  • Federico Mariniello
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    Просто машина!!! Лучший!

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  • Gabriele Rossini
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    best player in the world/history

  • André Zanollo
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    Yeah, now... Goodbye 👋. Juve needs be champion again

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    Ballon d'or depuis 2003, Ronaldo se porte bien, best player of all Times ! 🇵🇹

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    CR7 is the only goat of football 😍

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    The best

  • Mangonicus Maximus
    Mangonicus Maximus21 день тому

    His headers are pure beauty

  • Mihir Joshi
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    Greatest Of All Time ❤️ Would love to see him with a club like Bayern or PSG, he'd score even more goals!

  • shubham jana
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    Will see if mbappe n haaland at 34 & 36 yrs of age can score 30/29 goals or not(in domestic league only).. then i guess everyone will understand what messi & ronaldo did to world football.. 😭😭

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    Is the best c ronaldo from🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

    THE NOTORIOUS GOAT 🇮🇪Місяць тому

    Goat cr7 eterno 🐐👑🌏

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    Messi Serie A goals 20/21: 0

  • Adil Alaoui

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    Epl goals this season lingard 10 Pele maradona and ronaldo together 0

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    29 goals in 8 minutes wow

  • Sadikur Rahman
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    36 years Old 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alejandro Garzaro
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    Ramsey is in almost every goal Ronaldo scored, but Pirlo decided to keep him on the bench...

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    Cristiano numero uno 💯🙏🙏💪💦

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    A perfect guy in a wrong team.

  • Salman Khan
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    Shocking to realise that Ramsey was involved in so many of the buildups to Cris's Goals!!

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    The world KING 👑👑👑 CR7💪🏿💯💪🏿

  • Shivam Singh
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    Only thing I miss is classic long free kick goals

  • Marco Grasso
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    Chiesa 7:02 🔥🔥

  • Akshay Singh
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    Made enough profit on his name. Now he will leave.

  • nihall
    nihallМісяць тому

    The king 😎👑

  • gerryalexpremium [Dratuyte]
    gerryalexpremium [Dratuyte]Місяць тому

    Cristiano Ronaldo is car for goals also Cristiano Penaldo Bravo Cris

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  • Huncho The Harare Gamer
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    Every season he maintains goat status 🐐😭

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    Dont you have every Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ibrahimovic goal?

  • Rama Perwira Irnanda
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    Trash midfield but still top scorer

  • Leo joker Cz
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    Ti prego 🙏 Cristiano rimani 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 tu sei il 🤴 della Juventus

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  • Zora Šabanović
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    CR7 LEGENDA, BIH Sarajevo

  • @CFCMoi11
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    All those goals have saved Juve from Europa football. Juve are nothing without him.

  • haziq khairudin
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    Still a machine! Should be some slow motion scenes here.. would be a perfect vid. Chiesa's vid next!

  • Abdul Samad
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    👍💖love from india, kerala.

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    I have counted 6 so he is not penaldo it isn't even 1/2

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  • asa akira
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    hope cristiano play like this for more years

  • devam 17
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    this guy is sprinting like he's 25

  • Footbalism
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    No matter how much messi is talented, watching this man gives goosebumps 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alan 4 Cutz
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    And Thank you CR7 😍🥺

  • aritra pal
    aritra palМісяць тому

    I am a Messi fan,but i admire CR7 too. but the worrying sign is -i did not see a single free kick goal in this video.

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  • Capitan Futuro
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    GOAT !!! top scorer in: *Premier League 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿* *La Liga 🇪🇸* *Serie A 🇮🇹*

  • Vinay Mundra

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    UCL too

  • Aba Vado
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    Just not scoring at big games ( speiza , Torino crotone

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    FIFA 21 Clips

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    @Piyush #y ronaldo fan too and totally agrees with u but , he did not score against Atalanta season

  • Piyush #y

    Piyush #y

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    @FIFA 21 Clips I am talking to that pepsi fan girl Aba Vado

  • FIFA 21 Clips

    FIFA 21 Clips

    Місяць тому

    @Piyush #y are u taking to me or Aba Vado

  • Piyush #y

    Piyush #y

    Місяць тому

    Napoli Inter lazio Atalanta Roma Barcelona are small teams?? Pepsi bottler fan girls are so delusional

  • FIFA 21 Clips

    FIFA 21 Clips

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    Napoli, Inter , Lazio, Roma, Barcelona are not big clubs 🤔

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    Pecho Frío Puros goles de penalti

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    Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest ever fact 👑🐐🙌🏻

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    Shhhh lukaku lucida le scarpe a Cristiano altro che segna solo a porta vuota

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    iam sorry i will unsubscribe if he leaves serie a

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    Beauty ❤️

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    👍thank u cr7 u make us ur fans so happy

  • Нікітенко Андрій
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    Смотрим серию пенальти😂

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  • Hivanberg
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    Nice penalty compilation....................lollll

  • Tiger The Emperor

    Tiger The Emperor

    26 днів тому

    Only 6 penalties out of 29 even Lukaku had a bigger penalty percentage hahaha talk now

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  • Joshua Daniel
    Joshua DanielМісяць тому

    More goals in weak foot 😎

  • Rendi Pramasta
    Rendi PramastaМісяць тому

    No goal against AC Milan. #forzamilan

    AUTO FOCUSМісяць тому

    Serie-A loves u Ronaldo, Juventini loves u

  • Lijo Litty
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    Cristiano Ronaldo the GOAT 🔥

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  • cuikemoi
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    He got no weak foot

  • Prokash Mondal
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    Cristiano Ronaldo THE GOAT ❤️

  • Behemoth
    BehemothМісяць тому

    Only 38% tap ins or penalties. Definite improvement from last year.

  • Tiger The Emperor

    Tiger The Emperor

    26 днів тому

    Tf does tapin matter its natural for every centre forward, only 6 penalties. Plus haters say tapin even when it isnt a tapin

  • Mat Vt.
    Mat Vt.Місяць тому

    Imagine cristiano in bundesliga

  • goo od
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    Penalty and tapin😭😭😭

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    what a player!

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  • Saphal
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    Upload more of it rn, after the summer transfer you won't get any views🧏

    NOUH MOHAMETМісяць тому

    Unstoppable Cristiano Ronaldo ♥️💯

  • Peaceful Wraith
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    so finally seria a gonna loose its views when he leave no ronaldo thumbnail no views

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  • Mr. Zoro
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    CR7 Robot gol 777

  • Verrell Roberto Papu
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    My idol cr7,portugal and italy in euro 2021 summer paradise 2021

  • Verrell Roberto Papu
    Verrell Roberto PapuМісяць тому

    Summer paradise 2021 uefa euro 2021 12june 2021 12july 2021

  • Tupac Shakur
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    Cristiano Ronaldo Football GOAT but Messi is Barca GOAT

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  • Piyush #y

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    Unlike pessi. Legends say the penalty of copa America final is still roaming around planets 😂😂😂

  • Capitan Futuro

    Capitan Futuro

    Місяць тому


  • Matteo Balestra

    Matteo Balestra

    Місяць тому

    Only 6 penalty in 29 total goals

    PROD. DAOМісяць тому

    EA give this man 5* WF

  • yusuf ,
    yusuf ,Місяць тому

    This is why he’s the best ever

  • A Barres chiu Fort
    A Barres chiu FortМісяць тому

    È stato un’onore averti nel campionato italiano Cristiano,grazie❤️

  • Kartik Dangi
    Kartik DangiМісяць тому

    How tf does he have a 4 star weak foot in fifa while neymar has 5 star.

  • Adnan Syed

    Adnan Syed

    Місяць тому

    His card would cost millions if ea gave him 5*5* but he deserves it

  • Paolo Pischedda
    Paolo PischeddaМісяць тому

    Un campione